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A person who stays composed and does not let the feelings of hate bud in his heart, even for people who always wish and does bad to him are actually the ones who shed more karmas then one can by fasting. In other words, even fasting cannot be fully righteous if done without balanced thoughts and actions. Letís here recall the famous example of Kurgadu Muni, who could not stay hungry and was therefore mocked and fooled by his superiors. They even went to the extent of spitting in his food. Kurgadu Muni however instead of despising them, accepted their spit as blessings and ate all of it. He instantly achieved salvation, whilst his superiors still churned in the infinite cycles of birth and death.
Well everybody makes mistakes, but the person who accepts his own mistake is wise.
He taught us that if the person opposite is fire, you must be water. In other words you must not leave your own calm and composure under any circumstances.
Actually apology must be taken before any act. However if that may not be possible we must try to take it during morning and evening Pratikaman or at least once, annually, during the auspicious SamvatsariPratikaman. If the feelings of hatred stay in a personís heart for more than a year, it can lead to indefinite hate relationship which shall go on for births together.
Our prime most duty during these auspicious days is to forgive any hatred that we may have for anybody and apologize for the fact that we may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt somebody. Only individuals with immense calm and composure can view all with eyes of compassion irrespective of their good or bad behaviour. Such a person will never feel hatred for anyone and will eventually move ahead towards the final goal of Moksha.
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