Shantiniketan Foundation Malaysia
SFM Objectives

• To teach, promote and propagate the doctrine of the religion of Jainism

• To organize and celebrate auspicious Jain Events and Festivals, and perform such other activities in the furtherance of Jainism

• To publish and distribute instructional and educational literature relating to Jainism, to inspire the moral and religious conscience of the society

• To organize classes, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions to inspire and to guide the society and also arrange tours to religious centres.

• To provide facilities academic, cultural and intellectual exchanges among Jain community in all parts of Malaysia, India and elsewhere

• To establish and administer new temples, religious places, literature and foundation centres, publication centres, meditation centres and ashrams

• To promote principles of pure vegetarianism, non-violence, and multiplicity of views (Anekantvad)

• To promote teachings of Jain religion as interpreted by His Holiness Kirtichandraji Maharaj and His Holiness Jinchandraji Maharaj.

• In general to carry on supplementary or other objects of general public utility in order to achieve main objects of the trust

• To grant monetary support to other affiliates of Shantinniketan Sadhna Kendra and/or organizations or institutions which have similar objects with the consent and instructions of the inspirers

• To carry on activities for needy persons

• To promote and facilitate activities that are for the general benefit of the public at large.