Shantiniketan Foundation Malaysia
Shri Chintamani Parshvanath Derasar

Ipoh is a city 200Kms north of Kuala Lumpur on the busy North-South Expressway linking the Northern Tip of Malaysia at the Malaysia-Thailand Border to the Southern Tip of the country at the Malaysia-Singapore Border. The beautiful Shri Chintamani Parshvanath Jain temple is located amidst serene surroundings in the Northern suburbs of Jelapang in Ipoh. The construction of the temple was initiated in July 2000 by Shri Bharatbhai Jasani and Parivar under the divine inspiration and guidance from Pujya Bandhu Triputi. Pujya Jinchandraji Maharaj personally played a very active role and guided in the design and supervision of the construction of the temple.

The temple is elegantly modern and constructed in a traditional style with a Shikar at the top of the temple and using high quality marble for the gabharo for the placement of pratimaji’s of Bhagwan Parshvanath, Mata Padmavati and Mata Saraswati and the interior prayer hall for the devotees. The Divine Pratimaji of Bhagwan Parshvanath was sculpted by special artisans in Rajasthan and was initially welcomed with Great Reverence in Tithal and was admired for its beauty and divine inspiration by all the devotees who had visited Tithal. The pratimaji is      41 inches tall and made of white marble with a 10 inches pedestal.

The temple was completed and Prathishta, hosted by Shri Bharatbhai Jasani, was celebrated with great celebration between 2nd and 4th February 2002 in the presence of over 1000 Dharmapremi devotees from Malaysia, Singapore, India and USA. The Indian High Commissioner, H.E. Mrs Veena Sikri attended the pratistha mahotsav. The management of the temple was then handed over by Shri Bharatbhai Jasani and Parivar to Shantiniketan Foundation.

ChintamaniParshvanath Temple is unique in that it was the first Jain temple in South East Asia,  a region unique for its rich heritage with its root in Indian Culture and traditions. The first Jain Settlers had come to the Malayan Peninsular over 125 years ago and had kept the culture and religion alive through observing the annual rituals of paryushan and celebration of Mahavir Jayanti. The Shree Chintamani Parshvanath Bhagwan temple added a new dimension to the inspiration and devetion for the Dharmapremis. Each year at the Temple Anniversary in January/February prayers, shibirs and pravachans are held under the guidance and inspiration of Param Pujya Jinchandraji Maharaj to celebrate the beauty and divinity of Jain Religion. In the 11 years, the temple has welcomed thousands of dharmapremi devotees from Malaysia and overseas. The temple has also got facilities of fully equipped guesthouses for overnight stay.