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On Behalf of Gujarati Kuala lumpur association, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation congratulaitons to Bharat Bhai and family and Jassani and family. The experience at the magnificent Jain Mandir was exhausting and enlightening. The warm hospitality and affection accorded to the Sangh was fabulous and we pray that all those involved in the reception be blessed with good health and prosperity always. Keep up the good work. We are proud, indeed very proud of you.
Thanks a million for spending your time to be with us, during the pooja. We on behalf of Gujarati Vanile Sangh would take this lovely opportunity to congratulate and we have high regards on you for having this lovely Derasar in Malaysia. P.S. Jainshala children were over well informed on the Parshavanath Prabhu. On Behalf of Gujarati Vanik Sangh
It was so nice to pray and have Darshan of Tirthankara Bhagwan and Saraswati Devi and Padmavati Maa, here in Malaysia, on the day of Diwali. We are so happy to meet Bharat Bhai and the entire family very loving and hospitable. I really admire them for doing such a great work.
It was indeed a privilege to have participated in the Pratistha Mahotsav of the Jain Temple Ipoh. My congratulations to the leaders of the jain community, to the Shantiniketan Foundation Malaysia and to Shri Bharat Kumar Bhaichand Jasani for their dedication and commitment in creating this beautiful edifice. My best wishes are with you for the continued success of all your endeavours.
Swamiji na pranam! I like this website. Its pretty extensive and upto the point and i can explore more and more about Jainism every time i visit this website. Jai Jinendra!
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